Price for Electronic time sheet/Access control

The price of Electronic time sheet and access control device kit 1 based on RFID cards and/or fingerprint reading, with Wi-Fi communication = 160 Euro, VAT included.

The server and database are hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud, however on request they may be installed on a local server.

The options recommended for access management and reports generation are to host the server and the database in secure and encrypted form on the Microsoft Azure platform. This guarantees you (based on SLA) back-up and operation of 99.8% of time, without having to purchase, install or manage a server computer.

In order to set up the access of people and also for the time sheet/attendance log you must purchase the "Creasoft" software.

The software license for access control management and reporting of personnel attendance may be purchased in two options:



(EURO, VAT included)

with ANNUAL payment  


(EURO, VAT included)

with MONTHLY payment  

Software license 2 12.50 Euro/year/user - RFID card 1.25 Euro/month/user - RFID card


1The kit includes: wifi time sheet device, power source 220V to 12 V, 5 Ah rechargeable battery for a 5 hours autonomy, waterproof transport case for the power source, rechargeable battery and 2 RFID readers (one RFID reader shall be installed on each side of the door).

the software license/service subscription shall provide access to the web interface used to set up access rights and to generate reports like: electronic attendance log, delay, localization of employees, overtime hours, other attendance reports. For advance payment of licenses for one year, a 16% discount is awarded. Therefore, instead of a monthly payment of RON 1.25 Euro/card, you shall pay only 12.50 Euro for the entire year.

You can manage remotely any number of RFID cards (each RFID card may also have associated 3 user fingerprints), but no more than the number of licenses purchased. Also, you may add or terminate at any time one or more software licences, depending on personnel fluctuations.

Prices for optional accessories (VAT included):

Waterproof enclosure 7.5 Euro
Fingerprint reader homologated in UE and compliant with GDPR Regulation 145 Euro
Emergency exit button 15 Euro
Individual proximity card 1 Euro
Universal electromagnetic Yale – power magnet of 180 KGF 50 Euro
Standard electromagnetic Yale.
*the price is negotiable depending on the door type, the device is installed on the door frame
17.50 - 100 Euro


  • It may be performed by the client (DIY) and in this case no costs are incurred, of course

  • • The client may request the services of our network of technicians for Romania. The installation price may be discussed individually for each facility with installation technicians in client's location. For normal situations where the wifi access control device + standard accessories are installed on a normal wall made of plasterboard/brickwork/gas-formed concrete, the average installation fee in county capital cities is of 100 Euro//installation, VAT included, which also includes travel expenses for the installation technician in county capital cities.

Other information:

We do not recommend installation of the access control and reports generating server in client's location, however, on request, this application can be installed on client's computer. For clients with less than 30 users/RFID cards, the server can be installed in client's location and the installation fee is of 376 Euro. This fee includes maintenance/support for one year. If the client wishes further maintenance/support, starting with the second year a maintenance fee of 188 Euro/year shall be charged.

Clients that wish to install the server on personal computers in their locations must acquire a computer with processor i7, minimum 8 GB memory and SSD hard disk, and they must be able to set up a fixed IP for this server. The fixed IP is required so that access control devices are able to send data and to receive orders.