Prices for digital lock (Electronic lock)

Price for digital lock kit (Electronic lock/electronic Yale) = RON 630, VAT excluded

(The kit includes the electronic lock, 2 spare mechanical keys and a list of 1460 unique codes that may be used to open the door during the next 4 years/1460 days)

Optionally, we recommend you acquire also the software license the easy management of reservations and automatic communication to the clients of the code that opens the door on the reservation date.

The license for the reservations management software may be purchased in two versions:



RON, VAT excluded

ANNUAL payment


RON, VAT excluded


Software License2 RON 50/user/year/lock RON 5/user/month/lock (minimum 5 electronic locks/user)


How does it work?

After pressing the Login button on this website, enter the username and password (communicated on the time of acquisition of the reservations management software license) and you shall be able to perform the following operations:

- you may instantly see the electronic lock code for any future date, without having to consult the lengthy list of 1,460 codes (provided in the box where the electronic lock is delivered).

- you may send this code automatically to the tenant, with a simple mouse click, for one day or for a longer period, depending on the duration of reservation;

- you can perform the rooms reservation managementto instantly see if on the date when the tenant intends to rent the room if the building is vacant; if you own several properties, you can immediately find out what rooms are vacant for that respective period and you may recommend another property to the client, if the first one is already booked;

The client shall receive an automatic e-mail with the contact details of the property/owner, as well as the door code for the reservation date.