What are the novelties introduced by the Creasoft brand?

All our products under the "Creasoft" brand are innovative, they are "different" from any other similar products on the market.

The 4 comprehensive products that we created using state-of-the-art hardware and software technology are simpler, more pragmatic and more user-friendly compared to any other similar solutions.

- The WiFi Access Control solution is the only wireless access control solution, and the only system that allows remote secure access to several estates in different locations. The electronic access registry generated by the access control application is the only registry in Romania that accurately determines the aggregated total or partial amount of time spent in any area provided with RFID readers for periods of up to one month, providing the option to receive alerts for any attempted fraud or attempted evasion of an authentication.

- The remote control and monitoring solution for vending machines or other assets allows monitoring of payments received, inventories, errors, temperatures, and also remote start-up / shut-down, remote credit loading in vending machines, etc

- The Electronic Lock activated with a Daily Code is the only mechanism with an autonomy of 4 years of operation without charging used to open the door of a housing facility with an unique access code (PIN), which is changed every day.

- The autonomous self-wash car wash is the only car wash facility on the market that allows setting of different prices for each car wash operation (water washing may be priced differently from detergent/active foam washing, etc). Furthermore, payment of car wash services may be made both in cash and with bank card, and the client may request change when the car wash is complete.

The research team of Creative General Invest SRL, which developed the Creasoft solution, has an experience of 15 years in this field.

The balance and structure of the team with regard to skills, expertise and other contributions are perfectly adapted to reach company's goals. Team members acquired the skills and know-how required for the design and development of solutions that answer cu the current demands of the market.