Cartela RFID, Cod, Amprenta


The access control system is composed of the portable electronic access control device and the access reporting and configuration software. The solution has a security function, which configures people access to a room (based on authentication by RFID card, numeric code or fingerprint. Access can be restricted for a certain period/day, hourly interval or maximum number of authentications.

Employee access to one or more rooms can be allowed based on authentication by any of the following methods:

  • RFID card
  • numeric code
  • fingerprint
The access control devices are installed next to the doors where you want to monitor the access within the premises. An electronic device controls 2 RFID readers and/or fingerprint sensors, arranged on both sides of the door.
Optionally, to identify the condition of the door (closed / open), the presence of a magnetic sensor is required. The option is useful when the door locking system has defects and the access door may remain open by mistake, representing a security problem. For situations where you want to identify only in one direction, there is a single RFID reader on one side of the door and a "request for exit" button on the other
The modules are powered from a 220VAC/12V switching source which also provides backup battery charging. This has the role of ensuring the autonomy of functioning during a power interruption.