Solution for access to hotel rooms or apart-hotel without keys

Electronic Lock - Electronic Lock has a numerical keypad that allows opening the door from the outside, if the daily code is entered.

The owner is the only person that knows the daily codes for opening the door, and the only person able to communicate these provisional codes to tenants, which are valid only for the reservation period. Thus, the owner is no longer required to meet with the tenant in person to receive/deliver the keys, especially when the tenant arrives at/leaves from the property at inconvenient times. All issues related to the management of client's access keys, lost keys, door blocking are now forgotten.

In addition to the Electronic Lock, we invite you to test for 6 months, free of charge, a software interface that supports you in the management of access codes and communication thereof to tenants.​

Our company, Creative General Invest SRL, developed an innovative, fast and simple solution for the management of room reservations in serviced apartments, apart-hotels, motels, holiday homes and other hotel-type properties.

Reservation details and daily access codes are hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud (one of the safest platforms in the world, holder of GDPR certification) and they may be accessed only by the owner through a secure and encrypted internet connection.

With the username and password communicated by us, you shall be able to use for 6 months, free of charge, the booking management software accessible on webpage Press the Login and select the "Electronic Lock" application, enter your username and password, and then you shall be able to perform the following operations:

- you may instantly see the electronic lock code for any future date, without having to consult the lengthy list of 1,440 daily codes that we provide in the box where the electronic lock is delivered.

- you may send this code automatically to the tenant, with a simple mouse click, for one day or for a longer period, depending on the duration of reservation.

- you may manage the reservation, you may know immediately the date when a tenant wishes to rent the room, or when your property is vacant. If you own several properties, you may see immediately what rooms are vacant during that respective period and you may recommend another property to the client, if the first one is already booked.

- the client shall receive an automatic e-mail with the contact details of the property / owner, as well as the door code for the reservation date.

If an owner holds several apart-hotel rooms, he / she may find out instantly what rooms are vacant during the period requested by a potential tenant and may make the reservation immediately.

Important: The door is opened with the unique code (or with the spare key) only from the outside. To open the door from the inside, only the door knob must be operated.

CAUTION: this electronic lock does not revolve the hub, and locking and unlocking of the door is based only on the door-lock latch, which is locked from the outside and unlocks for 5 seconds only when the daily code is entered!


We adapted the wireless access control device for the hotels industry, especially for apart-hotel rentals. You may choose to install on the apartment door an access control device and a keypad, and your client shall be able to open the door using a single access code valid for the reservation period. The same code may also be used for access to common areas (stairs, private parking etc) all throughout the reservation period. However, in this case the reservation code is acquired only from the application and payment of the license for the booking software is not optional....