Creative Control Access Wireless (WiFi),
Access control and electronic time sheet.

Automatic generation of reports: Attendance log, Collective attendance log, etc.
Configuration or modification of employees access through a secure web interface
You may see who is present in your facility, and where
Stay informed on the time spent by your employees in recreation areas
NEW: using bluetooth readers, employees may be identified from a distance of up to 50 meters
Employees that enter or exit the facility without authentication shall be recorded in Authentication exceptions reports.

Online electronic time sheet and/or control of restricted access in various areas, remotely control through wireless technology.

Our online time sheet solution, and the optional wireless access control, has two important functions: accurate recording of the work time, and also of security, as follows:

1)the security function , which allows access of individuals in one or more rooms, based on authentication using any of the following methods:

- RFID card

- long range bluetooth card (a long range access card is read from a distance of 20 m, and in open field of up to 50 meters)

- numerical code

- fingerprint.

If you want the electronic time sheet device to be provided also with the access control function, it shall be installed near the room's access door, which is or shall be provided with a Yale lock or another type of electromagnetic lock (barriers, turnstiles, automatic doors, etc). The door shall open only when authenticating with an ID stored locally in the electronic time sheet device, as follows: typing of an access code, using a proximity RFID card, or authentication by fingerprint by a person who was permitted access in the web interface. The door shall open even in the absence of Internet signal since up to 6,400 codes/RFID cards/fingerprints can be stored locally directly in the electronic time sheet and access control device. centrala control acces wireless

Of you wish to install the access control equipment in an area without internet signal, we designed and we manufacture a GSM-controlled access control system, which uses a SIM data card for data transfer.

Optionally, long range card readers may be installed, based on BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology, capable to read a special card from a distance of 20- 50 m. This option is useful if the employees work, for example, in a Mall in an open area and you wish to know their actual work hours, or if you wish to monitor the presence of workers on a production line, etc.

2) the automatic time sheet, control and reporting function for the presence and actual time spent by employees in areas delimited by these RFID access control devices.

In order to avoid fines following a possible inspection of local labor inspectorates, we offer you a professional, fast and simple solution both for access control and for the electronic generation of the Attendance log. The Attendance log is a mandatory document that you must keep and present at any inspection from local labor inspectorates.

In addition to the Attendance log, you have access to multiple reports: Delays, overtime hours, number of hours of work in one month grouped in several categories (regular work shift / night shift / weekend), days of leave, localization of employees, etc.

For mobile employees (employees in sales/technical interventions, etc) the time sheet may also be kept on smartphone, which also includes the location where the time sheet entry was made on the phone.

How does it work?

In less than 2 hours, an electronic time sheet and optionally access control device may be installed next to any door. As soon as our device is connected to the power supply, it shall start a non-stop communication with the server through wireless internet connection or through GSM. The server that hosts the database and that generates reports is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, the most powerful and safest place on earth. You may login into the server at any time with username and password, you may set up users / RFID cards / access codes / fingerprints, their access rights and you may access reports. Access to reports and setting up of access rights for various rooms or buildings is made through a simple and user-friendly web interface .

Do you wish to avoid cumbersome and expensive installation of classical RFID modules, and of the lengthy cables up to a server that may crash at any time? Then you should purchase our solution, install yourselves or with our technicians' support the wi-fi access control devices in maximum 2 hours directly to the doors that you wish to secure, and then you can login with a username and a password to the software interface and set up the access rights and the RFID cards that are allowed to enter that area. All these in less than one day.


  1. financial – costs reduced by up to 10 times. You can avoid expensive labor and installation costs, costs incurred by repairs / wall painting after installation, debris / cleaning works following installation and also the costs related to the access control server. Of you relocate your facility, the control device can be easily installed in the new location, with no material loss.
  2. reduced implementation time. In less than 2 hours after delivery, the access control solution is ready to use, even if you own several facilities in various geographical areas.
  3. you can restrict the access of employees for any day of the week or for a certain number of hours, or you can restrict access up to a certain date.
  4. you have access to timesheets and access control reports at any time, from any device connected to the Internet and from any location.
  5. you can generate reports of the total time spent by employees in the work areas. The Attendance log shows not only the time of access to and exit from the work area, but also the aggregated time spent by people ONLY in the work area and also the break time. You may see the time spent by an employee in various areas of the facility where no economic activities are performed (lunch room, hallways, balconies, etc). Any exit from the work area is monitored and the total work time reflects the aggregate time spent by the employees in the zone that you defined as work area. Employees that enjoy long and frequent breaks shall be surprised to find that you can accurately monitor the time spent in the work area, deducting all breaks and exits from this zone.
  6. you can monitor from a single PC/smartphone/tablet the actual work time of employees who work in several facilities, including facilities located in different countries! That is because all wi-fi access control send data to a single server. If you have several branches / facilities, you shall be able to manage the access rights and to access attendance logs at centralized level. Traditional access control systems require one server computer in each location, and data integration for centralized access is difficult. Now, you have the big picture of the work and break time of all your employees with a single, simple and fast interface.

REMEMBER: if you have several locations / buildings, you may manage at central level using the same interface the access and the presence of all people in these locations and you can determine quickly who is allowed to enter a location, until when, in what days and possibly the time interval when access is allowed.

Contactless automatic electronic time sheet

We can offer you a contactless automatic electronic time sheet system, based on card readers with an active range of minimum 20 m. Your employees shall be recognized automatically when they are within a range of 20 -50 meters away from the bluetooth card reader (in open field, presence is detected from as far as 50 meters).

This system is very simple, it is installed in app. 2 hours and after it is connected to the power supply it shall connected automatically through wireless internet to the secured and encrypted data server installed in Microsoft Azure cloud from where, with a username and a password, you shall have access to reports and settings through a web interface.