Your vending machines can accept payment performed with a bank card, if they are equipped with Creasoft POS

The new cashless / POS payment system provided by Creasoft allows the performance of the payment by means of bank card in relation to any vending machine model - it is the only element that the vending machine owner lacked in order to have total control over his business remotely, at a competitive price!

  • POS for vending machines - payment by means of bank card is allowed at the Vending Machines
  • Cashless payments at approved POS (unattended), both contactless and by inserting the card
  • Allows sales of products at vending machines by means of cashing money from VISA and MasterCard credit or debit bank cards
  • Allows PIN entry, mandatory for the 5th consecutive transaction, according to the law
  • Bank account opened at a Romanian bank, with a fee of only 2.5% / transactions
  • Quick PLUG & PLAY installation on any vending machine model
Pos Vending


The new MyPOS indoor POS - from 270 Euro and 1.5 Eur / month maintenance (includes GSM communication), without the remote monitoring and control functions of telemetry. CREASOFT telemetry that allows the operation of the POS on vending machines is handed over based on a gratuitous loan for the duration of the maintenance contract.

If telemetry is activated and the receipts, errors and stocks are monitored remotely, the monthly license becomes 8 eur / month. Telemetry is ready for integration with fiscal cash registers, which will become mandatory by the end of 2021!


UPT1000 Castles

POS UPT1000 Castles, recomandat pentru vendomatele amplasate in exterior (antivandalism), de la 370 Euro si 1,5 Euro/luna ( include mentenanta si comunicatia GSM), fara functiile de monitorizare si control de la distanta ale telemetriei. Telemetria CREASOFT care permite functionarea POS-ului pe vending Machines este predata in regim de comodat pe durata contractului de mentenanta.

Daca se activeaza telemetria si se monitorizeaza de la distanta incasarile, erorile si stocurile, licenta lunara devine 8 Euro/ Luna. Telemetria este pregatita de integrare cu casa de marcat fiscala care urmeaza sa devina obligatorie pana la sfarsitul anului 2021!


Cashless payment is here and will stay here in the long run - whether imposed by health constraints or based on the authorities' desire to collect taxes more efficiently, cash mobility will continue to decline. Why let this trend catch you off guard? Be proactive and secure your business with the CreaVend Solution!… Now.

Unattended business development and the emergence of new directions - in addition to snack and beverage vending machine, laundromats, self-service car washes, coffee machine rental services, massage chairs, kiosks, many more are being developed. They all require complete functionalities, which allow for a successful and profitable operation.

Diminishing of activity in office buildings and public places - a stressful issues related to the diminishing number of locations suitable for operating a vending machine. This factor forces entrepreneurs to increase the efficiency of those vending machines that are still operated in an active location, in order to compensate for closed vending machines or with those with highly diminished activity.

As such,

Increase your sales by offering your customers diverse and modern means of payment! Stay connected with your business and maintain remote control of it, by means of installing a POS with CreaVend management software! You will overcome this difficult period.



The interface displays in real time the stock of products available for each machine, the maximum stock (capacity), the critical stock and the quantity supplied at the date of the last supply. When an agent supplies a vending machine, the machine can transmit the loading activity to the server, by means of pressing a supply button or by means of scanning a QR code specific to each ingredient. After each sale, the stock of ingredients will be reduced by the quantity configured by the recipe.


The system allows for the generation of reports and their export in Excel format or the graphical visualization of a set that includes the following information: products and quantity sold, receipts, sales rankings, profit calculation;


the user has the possibility to configure automatic e-mail alerts generation, in the case of certain events, such as: critical errors, warnings (open cash register, refusal of banknotes at validator level, vending machine sabotage, critical stock of ingredients, outdated inspection, disconnection of power source)


when the vending machine malfunctions and fails to sell products, the telemetry system records and transmits the error to the server. Errors are displayed in equipment status reports and error or repair reports. Errors can be critical (lack of water / coffee, lack of glasses, over-filled bowl) or warnings that do not inhibit payment systems.


the menu allows the management of the locations of the vending machines, but also their real time display on a map, a procedure performed by means oGSM triangulation or based on the theoretical positions introduced. Depending on the user's requirements, real-time location can display the position of one or more vending machines - this is achieved by checking the check box for each vending machine.

We support your decision with a

Special price

Castle POS

422Euro/ POS and 6Euro/ Vending machine / Month

myPOS (indoor only)

322Euro/ POS and 6Euro/ month for Maintenance
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