Electronic signature employees

Is it allowed to use electronic signatures at work?

The possibility of concluding individual employment contracts and other documents in the field of labor relations and OSH training, using the electronic signature, is explicitly regulated in national legislation, with application from July 25, 2021, with the publication in the Official Gazette of Law no. 208/2021 regarding the approval of GEO no. 36/2021.

Imagine laptop pe birou

single signature
from 0,1 euro / employee signature / document
Note: whereas a document (like ROI, for instance) is to be simultaneously signed by several employees, each single signature, applied to the document, costs 0,1 Eur.

bulk signatures
1 euro / multiple HR / work related documents signature
this apply when an employee signs multiple documents simultaneous in one session.


Sign employment contracts, additional agreements, minutes, OSH training documents, and any other work documents electronically and online, through the Creasoft platform.


    Send and sign documents up to 80% faster. With Creasoft, you can optimize and automate processes and reduce human errors.


    The web interface is intuitive and easy to use for users of all technical skill levels. No need to install an application or other special tool.


    Signed documents are saved in PDF format and stored online. They can be accessed at any time from the secure web interface.


    With Creasoft, you pay only for what you use, with no hidden costs.

Semnatura electronica


The intuitive interface allows managers to upload, electronically sign, and send documents to employees for signature in just a few seconds.

The Dashboard Displays:

  • The number of signatures available and used to this point in time;
  • The number of signed documents and documents waiting to be signed;
  • Signature Usage History from the Beginning of the Month;
Interfata aplicatiei | Dashboard


The document signing interface shows the status of all uploaded documents: signed by employee, signed by manager, or pending signature by employee or manager.

Also, the following functions are available:

  • Upload for multiple HR documents, in order to be signed in one session and sent to the allocated employee;
  • User configuration by manager or by employee, who will receive the already signed documents;
  • Documents sign as a Manager function, either Individual or Bulk, by multiple selection;
  • The posibility to resend the notification towards Employee, regarding pending documents to be signed;
Interfata manager | Semnare documente


The Creasoft solution includes two ways for employees to sign work documents, simply and quickly, without the need to install any additional software.

Signing documents by email:

  • When a Manager uploads documents that needs to be signed and send them to an employee, this receive, by email, a validation link.
  • Two-factor authentication: an additional control key included in the electronic signature process is represented by unique codes valid for a short period of time, which are sent either by email or by text message to the phone.
Semnare documente | Telefon


Signing documents through the Kiosk Creasoft:

  • Employees can benefit from the complete HR management system - Creasoft Kiosk - for document signing, viewing work shift planning, or submitting vacation requests and downloading certificates.
  • Employee authentication and identity verification is performed using an RFID card, fingerprint, or a mobile phone that can be authenticated via Bluetooth or QR code.
  • To sign documents, the employee authenticates using the desired method and accesses the Document to Sign menu.
  • The menu allows employees to view and sign documents. Validation can be done by sending a code to the employee's email address or by sending a code via SMS.
Document Signing through Kiosk


  • We support the transition of our partner companies from inefficient manual signature and archiving systems to a new digital system that allows for process optimization and automation, reduction of human errors, and acceleration of activity.
  • The Creasoft electronic document signing interface is a cloud-based web application that does not require the installation of a separate software. It runs on any platform and in any environment. The application can be accessed by managers using any device with internet access, such as a laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • The process of electronic document signing is simple, fast, and transparent. The touchscreen screen of the Kiosk or the employee's personal email allows the employee to view the documents to be signed in real time and confirm his/her intention to sign the document by double authentication with email/RFID card/phone.
  • Multiple security, encryption, and protection features have been integrated to protect your account data.
  • There are no printing costs or courier fees for delivery, the creation and archiving of documents are automated.
  • You can use the Creasoft application as your secondary archive. We can store your documents in the cloud, which can be easily searched and downloaded later with the help of our automated processes.


You can activate the option to use electronic signatures on work documents from the CREASOFT timesheet application.
At the beginning of each month, you will receive an invoice for the unit price multiplied by the number of electronic signatures you used in the previous month.

0.1 Euro

single signature

0,1 euro/employee unique signature/document
Note: whereas a document (like ROI, for instance) is to be simultaneously signed by several employees, each single signature, applied to the document, costs 0,1 Eur.
1 Euro

bulk signature

1 euro/multiple work related documents signature, in one session

This fee apply when  an employee signs multiple documents simultaneous, unlimited documents/signatures, with OTP double confirmation.