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248Euro/Timesheet Kit and 1,5Euro/ Employee / Month

Electronic timesheet

Give up the daily signing by hand in the Attendance Register. Get rid of this by signing electronically with the help of our professional timesheet solution, which integrates through an API with any ERP or HR and payroll software.

The employee electronic timekeeping system "CREASOFT" consists of a user friendly and easy to use software (includes reporting and configuration), and optionally one or more electronic clock-in devices produced by us, which can also have a separate access control function.

Traditional timekeeping is done through authentication with RFID readers manufactured by us, using:

  • RFID card;
  • fingerprints (up to 3 fingerprints/employee can be stored as electronic signatures);
  • authentication with a smartphone, through which the employee's ID is transmitted via Bluetooth;

Optionally, field workers can perform timekeeping using manual mobile clock-in on their smartphones, with the option to restrict based on geographical coordinates of the location where the clock-in is being done from the phone. The software automatically generates timekeeping records based on the defined work shifts in the application or employment contracts.

The integrated timekeeping & HR solution developed by Creasoft offers the following features:

Electronic Timekeeping: Automatically calculates the hours worked within the standard schedule, overtime, absences and delays.

Personnel Management: Allows the import and export of employee data, including certifications, declarations and signed handwritten or electronic work documents.

Generation of Certificates and Payslips: Employees can access these through the self-service kiosk or by logging into the Creasoft application.

Employee Evaluations: annual or multiple evaluation sessions can be established.

Leave Management: Includes a self-service leave module for employees, accessible either through the self-service kiosk where employees authenticate with RFID cards, fingerprints, or mobile phones (via Bluetooth/QR code), or employees can authenticate through the mobile-friendly web interface; automatically calculates all types of vacation or medical leave.

Work Shift Planning: Allows the transmission of work schedules via email or through the self-service Kiosk interface to employees.

Electronic Signing of Work Documents: NEW!




Product description

The software application from Creasoft, for electronic timesheet, gives you precise data on the working time. Whether the program in the company is x, is uneven or employees work in shifts, you can easily plan and track the working time of the organization. Report "Collective Attendance Sheet" (requested by ITM), displays information regarding the arrival and departure time of the employees, the time spent in the company and most importantly, the time spent in the work areas - the time spent outside work areas is automatically excluded. It is one of the reports you must submit to the control bodies, according to the provisions of the Labor Code - the last regulations valid of August 1, 2017.

A timekeeping kit includes at least the following components (default configuration included in the price):

  1. Electronic timekeeping device

  2. Protective case

  3. 220V power supply

  4. 2 pcs RFID readers - optional, replaceable with 3-in-1 readers capable of reading both RFID cards and QR codes, as well as IDs transmitted via Bluetooth from employees' smartphones through the Creasoft Pass app, available on Google Store / Apple Store.

  5. GSM module for data communication

If you do not require employee access control functionality, the portable timekeeping kit includes all the components listed above and only requires a power source, without the need for installation.

Alternatively, we can provide professional installation and secure entry and exit using a strong magnet or an electromagnetic lock, for an average installation fee of 350 Euro/door/turnstile/barrier through which you wish to control access, ensuring that access is granted only through RFID card authentication, fingerprints, or access codes.

Technical specifications

The hardware part of the Creative Access system consists of an electronic equipment produced by CREASOFT in Romania, which can also be used to control access in both directions through 2 proximity RFID readers, digital keyboards for the introduction of access codes or fingerprint sensors.

The timekeeping and optional access control devices come equipped with a power source and a backup accumulator, allowing you to use the timekeeping function for several hours even if the electric power goes out at the location. You don't need to purchase ANYTHING extra to make it functional.

Simply connect the timekeeping device to an electrical outlet, and it becomes operational immediately. This means that in less than 1 minute from connecting the timekeeping/access control kit to the power source, employees can clock in.

All configurations for the access control and/or timekeeping systems can be remotely managed through a secure web interface, accessed using a username and password. Naturally, reports can also be obtained through the same web interface, based on the rights configured by the company administrator.