android CREASOFT Mobile APP for Android ( shortcut click here to download the install APK for the mobile app for time tracking via Bluetooth or QR code ) Get it on Google Play
Terms and conditions for smartphone apps

After downloading, open the APK to begin the installation process and accept the required/requested permissions.

apple CREASOFT APP for Apple     ( shortcut click to download the app for time tracking via Bluetooth or QR code )

widows Desktop App CREASOFT for Windows ( shortcut click aici pentru a descarca kit-ul de instalare al aplicatiei desktop de monitorizare Creasoft )

Download the CREASOFT PC activity monitoring application for employees in telework mode (work from home). The CREASOFT application monitors the activity on the PC and keeps track of the working time on the PC, from the moment it is opened by the employee until he decides to close it.

Work from Home: work on PC measured real and impartially by CREASOFT

widows  Desktop App CREASOFT for Windows (shortcutclick aici pentru a descarca arhiva aplicatiei desktop de monitorizare Creasoft cu instalare fara drepturi de admin)

After download, unzip application and it can be run by double clicking on the executable file "Creasoft" without the need of admin rights.

General Terms and Conditions - Creasoft, July 2023