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Pack of 2000 fixed assets

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Pack of 4000 fixed assets

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Pack of 4000+ fixed assets

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Inventory and maintenance records of your company's assets!

QR code inventory • Import fixed assets and inventory items from any ERP or EXCEL • Printing QR code on self-adhesive label printer • QR code scanning with any Android smartphone • Asset reports and their status • The cloud-hosted database in MS Azure ensures guaranteed portability, scalability and backup

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Our fixed assets inventory and maintenance solution aims to inventory and / or record the planned / performed maintenance of all assets that companies and their employees use to carry out their activity.

When it comes to the equipment or fixed assets that require maintenance, there are functions for planning but also for confirming the maintenance by scanning the QR code pasted on the equipment.

From laptops, monitors, printers, office chairs, refrigerators, espresso machines, to machinery and vehicles, all the goods of a company must be inventoried according to the law.

Along with the inventory / maintenance, you can also check and geocode the address of the location where you scan the QR code from the label pasted on the asset, so you can view your real position of your assets on the map.

Main features:

  • Labeling, inventory and maintenance records of fixed assets using QR codes;
  • Automatically generated inventory reports, according to the standards imposed by the authorities;
  • Maintenance due reports, real executed revisions reports and also any deviations;
  • Marking on the map the last location where the inventoried or repaired goods was find and theirs postal addresses;

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