Online electronic timesheet - based on wireless technology.

Our person identification devices (provided optionally with the access control function) are installed in maximum 2 hours, directly on the doors that you wish to control remotely. Starting from the time of connection, the online timesheet device starts communications with the server, allowing setup of RFID access cards/storage of user fingerprints and also automated generation of reports like Attendance report, Collective attendance report, Analytical timesheet, Work hours grouped in categories (day shift, night shift, weekends/national holidays).

Communication of IDs (allocated to employees) that shall be numbered locally in our timesheet devices, and also history of events, is performed wirelessly: through the Wi-Fi internet network or through GSM in areas with no Internet signal.

A vending machine business fails easily - you are unaware of the time when your vending machine is out of order, or the cash collectors are stealing from you. Now you have the CREAVend solution, and you may be part of the 5% successful vending businesses!

Our devices can be installed on any type of vending machine, they can read and communicate all activities performed on them.

You can have real-time warnings on critical stocks, vandalism, or when a vending machine is faulty.

You can remotely restart the vending machine, you may load credit into it, you may deliver change or implement contactless payments: with bank card or with RFID card payment solution.

You may access the following reports at any time: Cash collected, Sales, Ingredient consumption (coffee, refreshing drinks, snacks, etc.), Agent activity, Online inventory of stocks, etc.

Access based on numerical code and management of reservations for apart-hotel rooms.

Professional version: install the wireless access control device, provided with a keyboard, and immediately after installation you shall be able to send to the tenants the temporary access codes, valid only for the reservation period.

Basic version: install an electronic Yale with a keyboard (Electronic lock) on the door. It does not require connection to the power mains, as it is provided with 4 x AAA type batteries that provide a minimum autonomy of 2 years.

The need to meet with the tenant in the middle of the night to deliver/receive the keys to/from a tenant that arrives to/leaves from location at such inconvenient hours is history! The tenant receives by e-mail/SMS a 6 figures code, that can be used to open the door during the reservation period.