Creasoft IT SRL is a manufacturer and developer of electronic systems and custom control and monitoring software.

Our research team that developed the solutions under the CREASOFT brand has more than 15 years of activity and experience in the field.
We offer complete solutions for the scaling and monitoring of product automatic vending machines, electronic timesheet, access control, GPS tracking and temperature monitoring.

CREASOFT solution integrate hardware and software and are characterized by efficiency and simplicity, tailored to customer demand and easy to use. We decided in 2013 to bring on the telemetry solutions market a new, innovative product for the field of vending machines - a complex monitoring solution and remote control of product vending machines.

In 2017 we brought another product of general interest to the market - Time attendance & access control software - and we decided that the time has come to establish ourselves under a new name - CREASOFT - a new brand in a newly created company CREASOFT IT SRL.

Developers and manufacturers of both electronic - hardware systems and software control and monitoring solutions, we currently offer our clients a wide range of products:

  • MONITORING OF VENDING MACHINES - a complex telemetry system for Vending Machines.
  • ELECTRONIC TIMESHEET AND ACCESS CONTROL – a hardware device, a portable terminal with data transmission via wi-fi or GSM and a software application that allows the automatic generation of attendance and timesheet reports: collective attendance sheet, presence on areas, holidays, etc., access card configuration, user rights and many more functions.
  • Inventory software based on QR code.
  • Repairs and maintainance software based on QR code


Certificat ISO 27001
Certificat ISO 9001
Certificat modul WiFi
Expertise Fingerprint reader
Certificat Conformitate Cititor Amprenta
Certificat Yala Electromagnetica
Inregistrare marca CREASOFT la OSIM
Audit extern DUN & BRADSTREET - rezultate financiare 2019
Certificatul CE Control Acces


In the last 15 years more than 5.000 clients has chosen our telemetry solution.


  • trickSHOT
  • Tip Top


  • Idea BANK
  • Profi Print
  • Ferroli Romania
  • Babaco Games


  • ERBASU Construct
  • BND Cons


  • VIVRE Deco
  • Omnia PLAST
  • Thyssen KRUPP

Latest News

Planning the Office or Remote Work can now be done online! You have real-time timekeeping, you have access to the mandatory planner, according to the legislation in force, and you can send the individual planner to the employees, simply and quickly. Any change spreads automatically and it is notified in real time!

Do you have more than 50 employees? Then you should know that, since November 2020, you have the legal obligation to organize the work schedule in a telework regime. Especially, you must organize the work schedule, so that the employees are divided into groups that start, respectively finish, their activity at a difference of at least one hour! Get rid of fines, act now! Find out how easy it is to use the teleworker and work schedules!

We have made an important update for the HR Departments: a new report type Collective Presence Sheet, extremely configurable, which would answer 100% to the current requirements of the Labor Code!

How do you know where your employees work from? Employers are required now, by law, to have a schedule of employees coming to the office. Our application allows employees to reserve their place, before coming to the office, at a cost as low as 1 euro / month / employee Read more...

“Monitoring work from home is just the beginning and this activity will develop exponentially.”….read more about the interesting discussion we recently had, at ZF Live, with Cristian HostiucI

Employers will be fined with 3,000 RON, if they do not know, exactly, how many hours employees work from home. Learn about how our application solves this problem...Read more