Creasoft IT SRL is a manufacturer and developer of electronic systems and custom control and monitoring software.

Our research team that developed the solutions under the CREASOFT brand has more than 15 years of activity and experience in the field.
We offer complete solutions for the scaling and monitoring of product automatic vending machines, electronic timesheet, access control, GPS tracking and temperature monitoring.

CREASOFT systems, hardware and software, are characterized by efficiency and simplicity, tailored to customer demand and easy to use. On the market of remote monitoring and control solutions since 2002 under the name of SAS GRUP -, we decided in 2013 to bring on the telemetry solutions market a new, innovative product for the field of vending machines - a complex monitoring solution and remote control of product vending machines.

In 2017 we brought another product of general interest to the market - access control and electronic timesheet - and we decided that the time has come to establish ourselves under a new name - CREASOFT - a new brand in a newly created company CREASOFT IT SRL.

Developers and manufacturers of both electronic - hardware systems and software control and monitoring solutions, we currently offer our clients a wide range of products:

  • TAXATION AND MONITORING OF VENDING MACHINES - a complex telemetry system for Vending Machines.
  • ELECTRONIC TIMESHEET AND ACCESS CONTROL – a hardware device, a portable terminal with data transmission via wi-fi or GSM and a software application that allows the automatic generation of attendance and timesheet reports: collective attendance sheet, presence on areas, holidays, etc., access card configuration, user rights and many more functions.
  • HOTEL ACCESS CONTROL – access to the hotel room based on a numeric code valid during the reservation period and software for managing the bookings of rooms rented in hotel-aparthotel regime.
  • GPS LOCATION AND TEMPERATURE MONITORING – a system for real-time recording and transmission of GPS position and temperature values, with autonomy of up to 2 years.
  • AUTOMATION KIT WITH GSM COMMUNICATION – device designed to allow remote operation, using the mobile phone, opening of garage doors, lifting the barriers, starting the air conditioning systems, etc.

Benefitting from an experience of over 15 years in the field, our team of professionals developed in 2017 and brought to the market yet another innovative product: self-service car wash stations with diversified payment methods: cash, bank card, chips or RFID cards - a product addressed to companies that can offer employees differentiated possibilities of car washing. Find out more details on


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In the last 15 years more than 5.000 clients has chosen our telemetry solution.


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