About Creative General Invest (Creasoft)

Our company, Creative General Invest SRL, concluded a strategic partnership with SAS Grup SRL- the largest Romanian manufacturer and supplier of telemetry systems (remote monitoring of assets, using GSM or WIFI technology).

Creative General Invest SRL is a manufacturer and developer of electronic and software systems for control and monitoring. Currently, we have developed and we manufacture:

  • Access Control kits with application and database hosted in cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • intelligent electronic and software door locks for the management and reservation of rooms and apart-hotels, with the option for remote control of the people allowed to open the door and for what time period.
  • remote monitoring solutions for assets (vending machines, refrigerated display cases, storerooms, etc), with wi-fi or GSM data transmission to secure servers.
  • self service car wash, with reception of cash payment and delivery of change.

We produce both the electronic devices and the related software.

NEW: under the automated electronic access registry solution, we are able to identify remotely the presence of people or vehicles, without authentication, using BLE (bluetooth low energy) beacon technology or active RFID card reading devices, from a distance of up to 6 meters. If you need to know whether your employees are present in a certain area or what was their work time, installation of optional bluetooth reading modules or long range RFID card readers satisfies this requirement.

For remote monitoring and control, our technology uses wireless data transmission, or secured SIMs in VPNs. If you need an access control system or an electronic time sheet registry in an area without an internet connection, we may provide you with an access control kit that transmits data through GSM or with a GSM router. In both options, additional costs shall be incurred by the SIM data card.

Since 2017 we have been developing a stand alone, self-wash car wash station that, compared to other self-wash car systems on the market, allows cash and / or bank card payment, and also charging of varying fees for each car wash operation. Water cleaning is much more cheaper compared to detergent cleaning, and of course much more cheaper compared to protective wax spraying. In addition, car wash stations are designed so that they cannot "alter" the foam or wax formulation, to prevent automatic drain of the piping in case negative outdoor temperatures are reached and in case the power supply fails, etc.

If at self-service car wash stations payed with tokens the price is fixed per minute disregarding the cleaning operation, we allow setting of varying prices for each cleaning activity (softened water rinsing, detergent / active foam cleaning, rinsing with wax water or final rinsing with osmosis-purified water) and also based on hourly intervals.

One of the main solutions we developed is destined to the vending machines market. Since 2013, we have been producing one of the most intelligent remote control solutions for vending machine, table top, refrigerated display cases, etc, which may be used by our clients for the remote control of activities of monitored equipment: the number of products delivered to their vending machines, when they enter an error state (it is estimated that vending machines are NOT operational for 30% of the total time, since they are in an error state and the owner is not aware of this fact) and when they were restored, how much money must be deposited by the cash collector agent vs the actually deposited amount, when the product inventory reaches a critical level and when the coffee/snack/refreshing drinks machine should be re-supplied with products, etc. .

References about ourselves and our diligence may be acquired from our clients (you may contact any person in our clients to request letters of reference) or our partners (see also the letter of recommendation from Orange, our main partner in Romania for GPS localization services).

Audited financial statements for 2017 - filed with the National Agency for Fiscal Administration