Bluetooth & QR Code Attendance Management System

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For only 80 euros we sell you the ultimate reader: Bluetooth  & QR code & RFID cards are all read by our complex reader, added to the Creasoft attendance solution.

Advantages of Bluetooth Smart based Attendance Management System

Increased convenience:

Using a mobile phone to clock in and out is much more convenient for employees. They no longer need to carry a physical card or key to access the door and clock in. Their phone is always at hand and can be used easily.


Reduction in costs and complexity:

Traditional card-based timekeeping systems require the purchase and periodic replacement of cards, which can involve additional costs. In the case of Bluetooth timekeeping, employees use their own phone, eliminating the need to invest in cards or other hardware devices.


Ease of administration:

Bluetooth timekeeping systems are easier to administer than those that use access card data or biometric data. There is no need to record and manage the biometric data of each employee, which reduces administrative tasks and system complexity.


Increased security:

Bluetooth timekeeping systems can benefit from advanced security technologies, such as two-factor authentication or fingerprint authentication, depending on the phone's features. These additional security measures help protect data and prevent unauthorized use of the timekeeping device.


Flexibility and scalability:

Bluetooth timekeeping can be easily implemented in a variety of environments and locations, as it requires only a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the timekeeping device. Traditional card-based timekeeping systems can be more difficult to install and configure in certain locations or work environments.


Accessibility and interoperability:

Bluetooth timekeeping systems can be used with a wide range of mobile phones and devices that are compatible with Bluetooth technology. This aspect ensures greater flexibility and interoperability compared to traditional systems.


Reuse and flexibility:

In the case of a Bluetooth timekeeping system, employees can use the same app on their phone for multiple tasks, such as accessing work areas, clocking in and out, and managing other functions. This reuses existing devices and provides greater flexibility in their use.


Real-Time Monitoring:

The mobile app can provide managers and administrators with real-time access to timekeeping reports and employee attendance data. This functionality can be used for human resources management, scheduling, and performance evaluation.


Improving accuracy and reducing errors:

Using Bluetooth technology for timekeeping can help reduce human errors associated with the traditional manual data entry system. Bluetooth timekeeping automates the process, providing an accurate record of employee attendance time.


These are just a few of the advantages of Bluetooth timekeeping over traditional card access timekeeping systems. Implementing such a solution could bring a number of benefits to your employees and company.

The Creasoft Pass device can be installed (with or without the access control function) on the door together with readers for RFID cards, QR codes, and Bluetooth.

Yes, it is necessary to install the Creasoft Pass mobile app to use QR code clocking. The app generates a unique, dynamic QR code that can be scanned by the Creasoft Pass device. The employee can then clock in or out by simply scanning the QR code with the device. The app also allows employees to open doors that are equipped with a Creasoft Pass reader. To do this, the employee simply needs to be within range of the reader with their smartphone. 

Here are the steps on how to use QR code clocking with the Creasoft Pass app: 

1. Download the Creasoft Pass app from the App Store or Google Play. 

2. Create an account and sign in with your company's credentials. 

3. Tap the "Pontaj" tab. 

4. Tap the "QR Code" button. 

5. The app will generate a unique, dynamic QR code. 

6. Scan the QR code with the Creasoft Pass device. 

7. The employee will then be clocked in or out, depending on the time of day. 

The Creasoft Pass app also allows employees to track their time off and view their attendance reports.

To clock in with Bluetooth, it is necessary to open the Creasoft mobile app, which then transmits the employee's dynamic and encrypted ID and allows them to clock in.

Timekeeping events are transmitted to the web application, which then generates timekeeping reports (arrival time, departure time, total time, and actual working time of employees).