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193Euro/telemetry device and  8Euro//Vending/month, without TVA

CREASOFT telemetry for Vending Machines remote control

Since 2013, we have been producing one of the smartest remote control solutions for Vending Machines, Tabletops or even freezers. Our clients can remotely control the entire activity of the monitored equipment.



Product description

The solution consists of online software and devices that are installed in Vending Machines and read information from Vending Machines. The data is sent in real time, by telemetry (GSM/GPRS), to the CREASOFT servers where the reports are accessed online. It can be very easy to manage the stocks and receipts, the location on the map, in real time, and reports can be received on the errors and the maintenance program or the technical interventions.

Technical specifications

VMPro device is the electronic interface through which electrical signals are received from automatic product dispensers. An accumulator ensures charging with electricity and powering the entire chain of devices, which is part of the monitoring system. Optionally RFID reader, temperature or magnetic sensors, siren and burglary/vandalism/theft sensor mode, GPS module or other equipment that extend the functionality of the Creavend Telemetry Software Solution can be installed.