Imagine laptop pe birou
193Euro/Telemetrie si 6Euro/Vendomat/Luna, fara TVA


The legislation in force compels all companies that manage automatic vending machines for products to equip them with cash registers until the end of 2019. Our company offers its customers a complete solution through a partnership with the producers of cash registers, both for monitoring and real-time monitoring of the activity of the vending machines.


Real time monitoring

The system provides complex real-time information on the receipts, the quantity sold, the type of product, the payment method (cash, POS, RFID, wallet, sms), errors on vending machines, etc. All information can be generated over a certain period and can be exported in excel format for further processing.

Stock and cash management

The client is informed in real time of the stocks of ingredients existing in the vending machine, which is the supply requirement or the amounts existing in the cashbox and in the change box. Stock management is greatly improved, the calculations being carried out automatically based on the recipes and supplies of ingredients made by the agents.



From the interface you can configure multiple alerts regarding critical stocks, errors that inhibit the functionality of the vending machine, exceeding of the review interval, sabotage or temperature outside the configured limits.


The interface allows the map viewing, in real time, of all the monitored automatic machines, process carried out by GSM triangulation, or based on the theoretical positions entered.