Condica prezenta

The hardware part (device) of the Creative Access system for Timesheet, consists of an electronic equipment produced by us in Romania, which can be used to control access in both directions through 2 proximity RFID readers or digital keyboards for entering access codes or through fingerprint reading sensors and transforming fingerprints into encrypted digital signatures.

The RFID card has a specialized integrated circuit, which is fed from the electromagnetic field created by the reader (at a distance of less than 10 cm) and automatically emits a programmed code in the non-volatile memory. Based on the code (serial number) read from the presented card, the person passing the door is identified.


Technical specifications of the local Creative Acces unit:

  • Power supply: 12V DC +5%;
  • Rated current VV with proximity reader 101mA&13.8V;
  • Rated current VV with both readers 126 mA&13.8V;
  • Serial interface;
  • MINI USB output;
  • RJ12 output;
  • Size: 80 x 38 mm;
  • Mass: 106g;


Interface with anti-theft / fire protection system:

The Creative Acces portable Timesheet device is also provided with a digital input called AUX_DIN / DOUT for interfacing with the anti-theft and fire-fighting systems. The AUX_DIN/DOUT input is triggered by grounding (0V). If a panic or fire alarm status is generated either from the keypad of the anti-burglary alarm system, or the smoke sensors found in the enclosure, a programmed exit of the anti-burglary alarm system must ground this AUX_DIN / DOUT signal, moment when the Creative Access device will enable the relay control output to open the door unconditionally. The door will remain open until the signal disappears (the AUX_DIN / DOUT signal is no longer held at zero potential).