POS for Vending Machines

Vending POS details

Castle (indoor and outdoor use)

422Euro/POS and 6Euro/ POS / Month

myPOS (only indoor use)

322Euro/POS and 6Euro/ POS /Month

POS for payment with any VISA or Mastercard card, compatible with any model of vending machine products & vending machine monitoring and control software



  • Cashless payments at approved POS (unattended), both contactless and by inserting the card
  • Allows PIN entry, mandatory for the 5th consecutive transaction, according to the law
  • Bank account opened at a Romanian bank, with a fee of only 2.5% / transactions
  • Quick PLUG & PLAY installation on any vending machine model
  • Access to a software platform for remote monitoring and control of the cash amounts thus collected.

New! - POS for turnstiles or barriers - access can be implemented in a room only when paying by cash, RFID card or bank card! For more details, request a complete offer on office@creasoft.ro, specifying if you want controlled access to the interior or exterior, if the access will be made only after the payment of a fixed amount or there may be several entrance fees and if you want the payment to be made only with a bank card or you also want the integration of a professional banknote collector.

Choose CREASOFT - a complete management solution: POS, telemetry and dedicated software!

Stay in permanent contact with the vending machines, thanks to the direct access to real benefits!