“...At the company level, a significant improvement in the attendance record has been observed. Thus, in compliance with GDPR, we were able to easily check the number of hours worked by each employee.......”

representative of TIP TOP Industry SRL

“..For us, the Creasoft solution has helped us and disciplined us. Before having this solution, we went through 2 other access control solutions, we had major problems with both. With this solution, it is simple to enter cards, to change the card if someone loses it. You can see employees even when they leave for a meeting through the mobile clocking option. And what helps us the most is that you are constantly updating it according to market conditions, now we have the option of working from home because it is a special situation and we have such colleagues. The proof that you have been helpful to us and have made our work easier is that we started as a test with 3 systems and now we have 29 systems.”….


„...we are glad to have you on board for the wonderful journey of collecting employee attendance and absence, because we all know how cumbersome it can become as the number of employees increases. The Creasoft application, for our company, is very helpful, as it streamlines the personnel management process, being configured and adapted to our needs. This means that, in addition to the fact that we have access to a real-time situation, a large part of the work of the HR team has been delegated to each employee.

DIn addition, the application offers us flexibility in use (employees can electronically clock in at both the company headquarters and from home on their mobile devices when working remotely), it is very intuitive and easy to use.

We are glad that we chose a reliable provider, with a history in the market, but also with a vision for the future.!”....

representative of HR VIVRE DECO