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only 1,5Euro/Employee / Month

Choose the CREASOFT mobile phone timesheet for the employees who carry out field work!

work from home

Mobile timesheet

Beginning of the work program

  • To start your work from home, press the button I STARTED THE WORK PROGRAM.
  • From this moment on, time is accounted as be actual work time.

Location validation

  • Employees can mark a client or business partner visit by pressing the ENTER LOCATION button.
  • They can also use the location function to periodically confirm the current location during work hours.

Leaving the location

  • When leaving the client's location, the EXIT LOCATION button is activated.
  • The application automatically calculates the time spent with each client during a day.

End of the work program

  • Once the work from home program or work in another location is finished, the button I HAVE FINISHED THE WORK PROGRAM is activated.
  • At this moment, in the Attendance and Collective Timesheet type reports, the arrival / departure time, the total time spent working and the actual work time are automatically filled in.

Mobile timesheet

Mobile timesheet - Add to home screen

Mobile timesheet in Points of Interest - MAP display