Another step towards the digitization of public institutions: the electronic signature applied directly from the phone

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Another step towards the digitization of public institutions: the electronic signature applied directly from the phone



  • Employment contracts can be signed electronically in Romania only from July 2021, while in Estonia, the electronic signature has been accepted since 2002.
  • The need for digitization in public institutions led to the creation of a solution that relieves leaders of the burden of stacks of papers, with the help of the smartphone.


Employment contracts, job descriptions, internal order regulations, GDPR declarations, the labor protection sheet or the declarations required in the case of part-time contracts are documents that usually generate mountains of papers in public institutions in Romania. From July 2021, however, the Ministry of Labor allows organizations to sign these documents electronically, and the demand for digitization solutions in the area of ​​work documents has become increasingly high. 

,,It is a logistical nightmare for organizations with headquarters in different places to send and receive documents signed by employees by post or courier. This happens several times a year, because, for example, the work protection sheet must be completed every year. That's why we developed a software solution that allows employees to sign documents, in a very simple way, directly from the phone", says Adrian Dinu, CEO of CREASOFT, Romanian manufacturer of software and hardware solutions. 

The electronic signature developed by CREASOFT, certified by CertSIGN partners, allows employees to authenticate themselves by simple means – a personal phone number and a personal email address. Employees receive a link from the employer, access it, and to authenticate they will receive a code on the phone and on e-mail. After reading that document, they sign it (or not, if they don't agree) by pressing a button. 

,,The fact that the Ministry of Labor allowed the digitization of labor documents and allowed their signing with advanced electronic signature opened the doors to avoid excessive bureaucracy. Even for part-time contracts, according to the new legislation, these signatures can be used, especially since there are those statements that the employee must sign every month", said Adrian Dinu.

Through the electronic signature of work documents, Romania takes a step forward towards digitization and follows the best practices used globally. Even if the measure was adopted rather late (while in Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world, the electronic signature has been accepted since 2002), the effects of debureaucratization will be seen in the coming years.

,,Beyond the fact that employees sign documents more easily and employers get rid of logistical problems, we have also implemented the bulk type signature for employers ă. That is, for example, once the labor protection sheets are signed electronically by the employees, the employer can select and sign them all at the same time, as in the case of a multiple payment made through online banking. In addition, all information is also stored in the CREASOFT cloud, which means that we can make this information available to employers, should someone accidentally delete it from the organization's archive”, said Adrian Dinu.

What mayors need to know about CREASOFT's electronic signature:

  • It can be used, legally, for all documents that employees must sign;
  • It is certified by CertSIGN, an authorized provider of electronic signature certification services;
  • Using the CREASOFT electronic signature is extremely simple: employees only need a phone and an email address to meet the security criteria;
  • City hall managers can simultaneously sign all contracts signed electronically by employees.