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248Euro/Timesheet Kit and 1,5Euro/ Employee / Month

Electronic Timesheet Solution

Quit the daily manual signing in the attendance register!

Free yourself of this concern by electronically signing with the professional electronic timesheet CREASOFT solution, in full compliance with legislative provisions of the Labor Code (Law 53/2003) and Law 190/2018 on measures to implement Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data!

The professional electronic timekeeping system consists of one or more electronic timekeeping devices produced by us, and of course, a timekeeping software.

The Creasoft reader can be installed on access doors to secure entry or can be used solely for timekeeping. In the second case, we provide a clock-in kit composed of a slim casing that accommodates the time device and the reader. This kit can be plugged into any 220V electrical outlet and becomes operational immediately.

Employee authentication can be performed through various methods:

  • Authentication using the Creasoft Pass app, which is installed on smartphones and transmits the employee's ID through Bluetooth. For those who do not wish to keep the Bluetooth channel open on their phones, the app generates a scannable QR code on the phone, compatible with the same Creasoft reader.
  • Fingerprint/RFID card/access code authentication at the clock-in devices installed in the beneficiary's locations.
  • Timekeeping using a laptop/PC.
  • Online manual timekeeping on smartphones: Employees can signal the start or end of their work by pressing a button on the phone's screen. It can be restricted so that employees cannot press the "Start work" or "End work" button unless they are at a specific location (building, warehouse, etc.).
  • The timekeeping software automatically generates real-time clock-in records based on the defined work shifts in the application or employment contracts.

Raw or filtered timekeeping data can be programmatically transmitted to other HR/payroll/payroll applications in real-time.



Timekeeping methods are complementary and no matter how employees are timed or how many doors/work points you have, all data ends up centralized in a cloud database at Microsoft Azure and is accessed through a software interface where you have real-time access to specific reports: real-time presence of employees, attendance register, collective attendance sheet, individual timesheet and more. The reports detail the total time, working time/work hours, break, AN, days of leave, approved overtime/if approved, schedule delays, etc. setting of alerts and reports by email.

The information can be submitted programmatically and FREE of charge, through API to your own ERP/payroll program.

A timekeeping kit includes at least the following components, included in the price:

  1. Electronic timekeeping device

  2. Protective case

  3. 220V power supply

  4. 2 RFID readers, fingerprint sensors can be installed, or versatile readers, capable of reading RFID cards, QR codes, and/or employee IDs transmitted via the app installed on the employee's phone through Bluetooth.

Generally, over time, RFID cards are replaced with phone app authentication. Phones are less likely to be forgotten or lost, and the advantage of transmitting the employee's ID through Bluetooth is that it can be secured and encrypted.

  1. GSM module for data communication integrated into the motherboard

If you do not require employee access control functionality, the portable timekeeping kit includes all the components listed above and only requires a power source, without the need for installation.

Alternatively, we can provide professional installation and secure entry and exit using a strong magnet or an electromagnetic lock, for an average installation fee of 450 Euro/door/turnstile/barrier through which you wish to control access, ensuring that access is granted only through phone app authentication / RFID card / fingerprint / access code.


Portable timesheet and personal identification devices are installed in a maximum of 2 hours directly on the doors you want to control remotely. An electronic module controls 2 RFID readers and/or two fingerprint sensors, or digital keyboards arranged on both sides of the door.

From the moment of connecting to a Wi-Fi or GSM network, the timesheet device starts communicating with the server immediately, allowing the configuration of RFID access cards and/or user fingerprints through a secure web interface. Over 6400 RFID cards and fingerprints can be stored locally.

Gain access to multiple reports: Attendance Register, Collective Attendance Sheet, Delays, Overtime, Holidays, etc. For mobile employees (sales/interventions, etc.) timesheet can also be done by means of a smartphone, which also submits the user's location.