Remote monitoring of Vending Machines

CREAVend - Intelligent solution for real-time management of Vending Machines, through GPRS

Almost 95% of the Vending Machine businesses fail during the first 3 years – the root causes are the lack of information related to non-operation of Vending Machines and frauds of sales agents that collect cash from these machines. With the CREAVend solution you have the opportunity to be a part of the 5% that succeed in the Vending business!

  • The CREAVend electronic devices installed in Vending Machines read and send, through GSM/GPRS telemetry, the activity and problems occurred.
  • Sales reports, that include the number of portions taken out from the vending machines (coffee, refreshing drinks, snacks, etc).
  • Real-time alerts when the vending machines for coffee, refreshing drinks or other products are damaged or temporarily out of order.
  • Real-time alerts when the inventory of products in a vending machine reaches a critical level.
  • Reports on the cash that should have been collected by the sales agents and highlighting of possible inconsistencies with the actual deposits made by such agents.